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TIMS Newsletters: 2012 to 2015

COMING SOON! All available TIMS Newsletters from 2012 to 2015, in PDF format, that you can either read, download for future use, or indeed print yourself.

The newsletters of this period include all sorts of TIMS and other Meccano related articles and photo's. The photo's may well be smaller than those shown in the gallery, but the advantage of the newsletters is that everything is in one place. That said, if you do have any photo's or other media from this, or any other periods of TIMS history, please contact the Webmaster.

PLEASE NOTE: The newsletters in this section are out of date, the most recent being four months old, the oldest being around four years old. The contact information for the TIMS Committee and that of other TIMS volunteers contained in the vast majority of these newsletters is out of date too. IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT TIMS, PLEASE SEE THE CONTACTS PAGE, where all the current and up to date contact information can be found.