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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We apologise for the newsletter being late but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the back-up plan is in force. It will arrive within the next few days.

A New Honorary Member

We are pleased to announce that Janet Way had been given the status of "Honorary Member", after her continued hard work for the club. She was the Club Secretary for many years and I hope you can join me with TIMS to thank her for her efforts.

The Keith Way Memorial Trophy was dedicated to Janet's late husband.

TIMS February Meccano Show 2017

Morning everyone.

Firstly, I hope you've had a great time over the festive period, and Santa dropped off some Meccano for you, if you've been good of course! If he did, let us know all about it by conacting the Webmaster.

Now folks, it's just a month to go before the first TIMS event of 2017, the February 2017 Meccano Show, to be held at Enginuity, Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, this time, and I dare say for the foreseeable future, in the Gadgetdom Room there.

Access for setting up should be available from 9 am on the 4th of February, and by setting up I mean setting up tables, table cloths and other TIMS equipment as there is no table set up day the day before.

Unfortunately, our usual resident dealer, Dave Taylor, will not be in attendance due to a clash of dates with the Runnymede Meccano Guild meeting taking place on the same day. 

You can find the full details of the February show on the Events page, but don't forget that as well as the show, a TIMS meeting will be taking place in the glass classroom, across the car park from the museum, at 2 pm. Got any questions or ideas? Want to take on one of the several vacant TIMS roles? The meeting is your chance to have your say and, if the mood takes you, volunteer (wink).

Now, back in December we had a Christmas theme called "Winter Games". Whilst the festive period is almost at an end, this theme is not. Please continue to build your games and bring them along to the February show so we can all have a go!

If you've forgotten what I'm going on about, or haven't seen anything about the Christmas theme, you can see the details below.

That's all for now. Hope to see you all on Saturday 4th February 2017.


TIMS Christmas Project 2016: Winter Games.

This year's TIMS Christmas Project is to build a Meccano game that can make use of all the time you'll have being bored after scoffing all that turkey, at first by building it, and then by having fun with it!

The Rules...

  • Any form of game, such as a table top game or similar
  • For any age range you choose
  • For one or more players
  • Can be manual, clockwork, battery or steam powered
  • Can be an outfit/set build or one of your own design
  • Games can be basic builds or complicated creations
  • No limit on the number of builds per member
  • All completed creations to be taken to the 2017 TIMS February Meccano Show on Saturday 4th February so we, and members of the public can all have a go! (If you can make it to the show that is).

Outfit/Set Examples...

  • 1916 no.1 outfit spinning top (or bayblade to give it it's modern term)
  • 1916 no.6 outfit box ball alley
  • 1920 no.4 outfit table croquet
  • 1940 no.7 outfit exploding ship
  • 1970 no.6 set shooting range (electronic)

Non Outfit/Set Examples...

  • Table football
  • Table tennis
  • Pinball machine
  • Dominoes

Thanks to S.A Venning (winter theme) and Simon Gudgin (games), who's different brainstorming ideas, when combined, provided a fun subject!



TIMS Christmas Newsletter 2016

Good evening all.

Roger Thorpe tells me that the Christmas 2016 edition of the TIMS newsletter has been mailed out and should be with you all within the next few days. Cheers Roger, and thanks to Dave Bradley for putting all together.


New Feature: The MGB

As per the two new additions for the TIMS website, recently posted about on both this news page and the TIMS Facebook page, here's the first of those additions, the Member's Gallery of Models, or MGB (wink).

The first article for your delectation has been sent in by Alan Lovett, and is his take on the no.10 set combined harvester...

If you would like to see your own model build articles in the in the MGB (Member's Gallery of Models), please email me your photo's (large jpeg files of uncropped and unedited photo's) with corresponding text to those photo's. You can find my contact details on the contacts page. (The Webmaster).


TIMS Gets A Mention On BBC Radio 2

Driving home from work, on BBC Radio 2 they were talking about all those toys you longed for for Christmas, so I pulled over and sent in a text. See, err, actually, hear here at 01:09:27...

TIMS Gets a mention on the Vanessa Feltz programme on BBC Radio 2.


TIMS Gets A Mention On BBC Radio 2

Yes folks, a short but none the less welcome mention on BBC Radio 2 this morning, more when the listen again link is available.


New feature for you to get involved with...

Evening folks.

I'm going to trial a new feature called Builds Articles, or some other such suitable title. This is where you can send in photo's with related text, or even a video link, showing the various stages of your builds, telling folk your trials & tribulations, tips and ideas.

Please send your articles via email to the Webmaster, who's email address can be found here.


Possible additions to the TIMS Website/TIMS November Meccano Shows, Your thoughts please.

Afternoon everyone.

Firstly, here's an idea for an additional feature for the website. In general, perhaps with the exception of just after the TIMS Christmas Newsletter issue, where there can be additional things included, such as building projects, to name just one "extra" over the more usual newsletters throughout the year, items of interest for the website are somewhat "seasonal". Basically, these seasons, for want of a better word, are just before and just after any of our shows in February, May, August and November, where, in general, the shows are promoted, and afterwards, reported on, usually in the form of photo's and/or video.

It's the quiet times between these events that the website goes a little on the quiet side, so the idea is that I dare say folk, in general, build other Meccano models between these events, or they are building models for the next event, be it a TIMS event or any one of the many other Meccano events that go on throughout the year, so why not inspire other Meccano builders with photo's, or video of the progress of your creations, or completed models?

All that's required are a few reasonable quality photo's, with a few notes about the build, or a link to a video about it, and these could be compiled into news items here on the TIMS website, and/or, a new section in the TIMS website gallery. As usual, the copyright would remain with the builder/photographer, and any entries would be only used on the TIMS website and possibly the TIMS newsletter.

Entries could be emailed directly to the webmaster, or posted on the TIMS Facebook page and then the Webmaster would do the rest.


The second idea not only involves the TIMS website, but our November Meccano shows.

Our Meccanuity Meccano Show at the end of April/beginning of May usually has, due to several competitions, in effect, at least one theme. The 2017 theme being windmills and wind turbines, for example, and thus is the subject for the Keith Way Trophy. At the 2015 November show we had a one off theme in collecting together as many Meccano Spitfire and Hurricane models as possible to commemorate Battle of Britain 75. This was followed by a Christmas project in the Christmas newsletter for 2015 which involved building Thunderbirds rescue vehicles and equipment to fit in the pod of the then new Meccano Maker System Thunderbird 2 set. This year the Christmas theme is winter games, and will be carried forward as a theme for the February 2017 show. So why not have a just for fun theme for the November shows, and, of course, the February shows on a more regular basis?

As this affects both the website and the February and November TIMS shows, I first put the idea to the TIMS Secretary/Treasurer and the Chairman, but, of late communications have been, in the case of the secretary/treasurer, none existent for some unknown reason, so I put it to you, the TIMS members out there.

If you have any thoughts on the above two ideas, please feel free to contact me, the Webmaster (acting) via email. If you prefer you can use the TIMS Facebook page to contact me.

I'll leave these two ideas open for your comments until Monday 5th December 2016, then take it from there.

Many thanks all.

Meccanuity 2017: Keith Way Trophy, Windmills And Wind Turbines. If I can do it anyone can!

Now I can do it so anyone can (wink)...

                                                       From this 1970's Pocket Meccano set windmill...


                                         to this 1970's Pocket Meccano windmill, err, well almost. Read on...


The instructions, or rather, the two images included in the instruction sheet of many models leave a little bit of the build to your imagination, but there is an error. It seems, from the rather obstructed view of the base of the windmill that the bottom angle brackets fit inside the 3 hole x 5 hole flanged plate (that's the blue thingy in the images for those not up on their part numbers and names). Because of the close proximity of the flange (side) of this plate the holes of the angle brackets (two of these right angle parts can be seen near to top of the above photo') do not align with those they are supposed to in the flanged plate. The answer? Fit the angle brackets to the outside of the flanged plate. This does mean that the flat trunnion (yellow triangular (ish) part in the above photo') will not fit flush with the flanged plate and would, when secured to it, become some what deformed. The answer to this is two fold. First, the top angle brackets are also fitted to the outside of the flanged plate. This means the flat trunnion is now level, but there's still a gap beneath it, so place a fishplate underneath to take up the gap, and thus, when the trunnion is secured to the flanged plate it does not get deformed.


In the images on the instruction sheet you can't see the construction of the flexible plates, that's the two black, in this case, plastic parts curved around to form the base of the windmill, although the images do state that you use two of them. The above photo' shows how I did it, but I did make a few changes. Firstly, the side bolts, on the far left of the model, are shown with the threaded end sticking out of the model. This I didn't like because it looks untidy and it's very awkward to fit the screwdriver into the slot of the bolt head. It's actually worse at the bottom because of the flange of the flanged plate, which prevents any access to the bolt heads if fitted as instructed. The solution is to fit the bolts with the heads showing on the outside of the structure. The second change involved fitting an extra nut to each bolt that goes through the plastic flexible plates. This is done to prevent damage to the flexible plates, which are, in this case, over 40 years old and easy to damage, and would normally be the job of a standard washer. However, there are no washers in a Pocket Meccano set, but there is enough in the way of spare nuts (using all the available nuts in the set by the time the model is completed) to do a good "back up" job.


                                                  The other side of the rear of the base of the structure


                                   Works too! I think Windy Miller would be happy to work here (wink)

Please note that all the parts included in this build are all included in a Pocket Meccano set.