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TIMS Membership

Whilst subscription to the TIMS website mailing list is free, full membership of the Telford & Ironbridge Meccano Society is only available via a 12 month subscription, or via a daily charge if you're exhibiting at our shows. See below:

Membership fees

  • Adult — £12
  • Junior — £12
  • Family (two or more people) — £12
  • Daily (at TIMS shows for insurance purposes) — £1 per day

Membership includes a club badge, subscription to the TIMS newsletter (four issues per year), public liability insurance when exhibiting, and a higher level of insurance cover whilst exhibiting at TIMS shows located on Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust properties.


Apart from the fact that our newsletter is a good read, and something to look forward to as a whole, it also serves as a great communication tool to those members who do not use computers or the Internet. To this end it has to be on member's doormats to allow for a reasonable amount of time to inform folks of upcoming events, thus giving them time to book, and at our end, time to sort those bookings. To this end, and to aid the production and delivery in good time to the members before upcoming TIMS events, below are approximate dates for which the newsletter should arrive on your doormat. There may be slight fluctuations in the arrival date, but in general the dates are:

  • Spring Edition: 1st March
  • Summer Edition: 20th June
  • Autumn Edition: 5th September
  • Christmas Edition: 14th December

If you have any features or articles you'd like to be included in the newsletter, please contact the Editor, Dave Bradley. Thanks to Roger Thorpe for his continued assistance in the production and posting of the newsletter!

TIMS is a non-profit-making organisation and all benefits are passed on to members and guests, in the form of providing better facilities and equipment at shows and exhibitions, for example.

If you'd like to join TIMS, please contact our Membership Secretary Tim Martin at Alternatively, pop along to one of our shows and join there!