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TIMS Membership

Whilst subscription to the TIMS website mailing list is free, full membership of the Telford & Ironbridge Meccano Society is only available with a 12 month subscription.

Membership fees

  • Adults — £15.00
  • Couples — £15.00
  • Juniors — £15.00

Membership includes a personalised TIMS badge, subscription to the Newsletter, and public liability insurance when exhibiting.


The TIMS Newsletter features a report about the models displayed at the most recent meeting, and serves as good means of communication for those members who don't have access to the internet. Below are the dates by which the Newsletter should be received. There may be slight variations in the arrival date, but in general they're as follows:-

  • Spring Edition: 15th March
  • Summer Edition: 15th June
  • Autumn Edition: 15th September
  • Winter Edition: 15th December

If you have any articles you'd like to be included in the Newsletter, please contact the Editor, Dave Bradley. Thanks go to Tim Martin for his role as proof-reader and to Roger Thorpe for his assistance in its production and posting.

If you'd like to join TIMS, please contact our Membership Secretary Tim Martin at Alternatively, come along to one of our shows and join there.