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TIMS History

By Chris Shute • Published on Friday 9 January 2015, 3:36pm

The Telford & Ironbridge Meccano Society roots began in 1987 after customers of the local Meccano shop, Eccentric, run by John and Mary Linder, decided to show the general public what the hobby was all about. So in October 1987 they set up the first exhibition in the middle of Telford town centre. This first show was a great success, both for the club and for the town centre itself, and exhibitors were duly invited back to show their great models the next year. So the annual exhibition was born and club continued to hold their annual show at the town centre until 2002, when the club were taken under the wing of the Enginuity Museum at Coalbrookdale, near to Ironbridge.

After the success of the first few exhibitions, this young club also decided to hold three meetings each year, with the first meeting held at Fletcher Memorial Hall in Madeley, Shropshire on 19th January 1991. Around 20 enthusiastic members attended and this is when the club became officially The Telford & Ironbridge Meccano Society. The first elected chairman was John Linder, whose shop, Eccentric, was the initial spark that created the whole thing. John Clayton was elected for the post of Secretary and Treasurer, a post which John held until 2004! As the club grew, larger premises were needed, and the club moved to Randlay Community Centre in February 1997. The club stayed there until 2002, moving to Enginuity in October of that year. The first Meccanuity exhibition, held at Enginuity was in February 2003.

The club is now still growing with new members joining and the future is looking exciting, thanks to the profile that has been raised with the help of Enginuity and the enthusiasm of its members who are bringing the club forward each year.


Saturday 13th May 1991 saw about twenty enthusiasts converge on the Fletcher Memorial Hall, Madeley, for the second meeting of Meccano enthusiasts organised by John Linder. Meccano meetings are always enjoyable but an added dimension was present at Madeley - people were actually working on their models during the meeting.

At about 2.30pm John called the meeting to order and during the discussion the following decisions were taken:

(1) It was agreed that a club would be formed.

(2) The following officers were appointed;

      Chairman : John Linder

      Secretary/Treasurer : John Clayton

(3) There will be three meetings per year, in January, May and September; the meetings will be held on Saturdays.

(4) Meetings will be held in the Fletcher Memorial Hall, Madeley.

(5) Sub's were fixed at £3 for family membership, juniors (under 18) £1.

(6) NAME - after some discussion it was decided that the group be known as the Telford and Ironbridge Meccano Society (TIMS for short)."